What are your baths made of?

Depending on the type of bath, it can be solid surface composite stone, polymarble, lightweight or natural stone composition.

What is solid surface?

Solid surface composition is made up of a solid filled resin and aluminium hydracide pigment throughout the bath. The resins used are advanced ISO resins with ATH fillers.

What is polymarble?

Polymarble is a full 2mm thickness layer of gel-coat resin over limestone carbonated with a high grade resin core. The resins used are high quality hard-wearing pigmented gel-coat resins – they are not a clear coat.

What is lightweight?

Lightweight refers to our lighter range of baths weighing between 90kgs and 195kgs depending on the type of bath.

Where are they designed and made?

Stonebaths baths are European designed but manufactured in modern compliant factories in China.

The materials on other baths appear different?

Some retailers use slightly different materials than us and source their stone from other areas of the world – however the end product is very similar.

Is there a waste supplied with the bath?

Yes, a high quality chrome clicker waste is supplied. For an even better look, matching stone wastes can be purchased at an additional price.

Is there a flexible hose supplied with the bath?

Yes, but these are not Australia or New Zealand certified so please do not use them. Your plumber can easily source something local, cheap and compliant.

Do you have to plumb in the overflow?


I’ve slightly scratched my bath, can this be fixed?

Yes, in the event of minor scratching or scuffing, the surface can be lightly sanded and rebuffed.


Have you got specifications available for the baths and basins?

Yes, every bath, basin and tapware item comes with a spec sheet. Please refer to the product listing and download. If it is unavailable, contact admin@stonebaths.com.au.

I need a CAD drawing for my Builder, can you supply?

Yes, on request we will supply drawings.

Are these relatively easy to install?

Yes, most qualified plumbers will be able to install these without issue.

Is there a recess underneath the bath?

Yes, there is a 70 - 110mm high cavity under the bottom of the bath to allow room for piping.

Is the waste in the middle or at one end?

All our baths have wastes in the middle of the bath. One bath has a waste offset to one side, however it is still located in the middle – nobody likes sitting on the waste!

I’m after a bath with an overflow, where is that located?

Generally the overflows are located in the upper middle of the bath and when the bath is installed is ideally located at the far side of the bath as you approach.

Trust Worthiness

Why should I buy my baths/basins from you, how can I trust you?

Stonebaths is the largest online retailer of baths and basins in Australasia. We’ve been selling bathware for 16 years. We guarantee our baths for 10 years and will replace them if you have any defects. See our 'Projects' page for our recent jobs.

Am I able to talk to someone else who bought a bath/basin off you to check your credibility?

Yes, we can arrange that no problem. Please contact admin@stonebaths.com.au.

Have you ever had any problems with supply and deliveries?

We’d be lying if we said it happened perfectly every time. On the odd occasion we experience delays in shipping, transport issues and the like. We attempt to keep you up to date of what’s happening and will rectify any situation that has occurred to the best of our ability, even on some extreme occasions, airfreighting the product in from our supplier.


What guarantees do you have on your products?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full warranty details.

Why are your baths/basins so cheap compared to other suppliers?

We’re not set up with major overheads like the ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers. Or even the other retailers that are set up online. We’re solely an internet based business sourcing our product directly from our manufacturer, distributing out of warehouses, supplying direct to you.


Am I able to have a look at a bath/basin/tap?

Stonebaths has a small showroom in South Yarra, Melbourne. If you live close to one of our warehouses, we can arrange a viewing for you. Let us know what product you want to look at and we can have that ready when you call through.

Wels Rating

Is your tapware Wels rated?


What does “Wels rated” stand for?

Wels stands for “Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act and it is made to Australia and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 6400:2005 Water Efficient products – rating and labelling.

What does “Wels” mean?

Wels means that the tapware is made to a certain standard acceptable to New Zealand and Australian standards and has been tested and approved independently to meet those standards.

Packaging / Weight

Are the baths heavy?

Yes, depending on the type of bath, lightweight baths can weigh anywhere between 75kg and 200kgs. Other baths can weigh up to 300kgs. Add another 30kg for packaging

How are the baths and basins packaged?

They are all fully crated, shipped and handled in this way.

How is the tapware packaged?

Tapware is packaged in a carton, packed inside a soft bag and packed around with polystyrene.


What do I do if my products are damaged on arrival?

Take photos and contact us immediately. If you notice damage on arrival, then notate this on the trucking receipt and give it back to the driver.

What if I discover damage to my bath/basin after having my bath delivered and stored at my place for some time?

You are required to inspect the bath/basin within 48 hours of arrival to ascertain if there is any damage. You can do this by popping the lid easily enough. If you do this 48 hours after receiving the product, then we cannot take liability for any damage that becomes apparent.


When I receive my bath/basin, do I have to inspect it straight away?

Yes, (see DAMAGE) you need to inspect it and notify us in writing of any damage within 48 hours of receiving the goods. Failure to do this within 48 hours of receipt nulls any liability that our transport company (and hence us) has for replacement of your product.

Will the truck driver help me get the bath/basin into the house?

No, he is only contracted to deliver the products to the kerb. He may wheel it inside a garage for you if you ask nicely but he is not required to do this.

Am I able to get delivery at a certain time of day?

No, we contract the trucking company to deliver and don’t have any control over when the delivery will be. For an additional price, we can request AM or PM delivery.

Can I give my phone number to you so that the truck driver will call me when he will deliver?

No, unfortunately truck drivers cannot be contacted directly by the client.

Can I call the trucking firm and talk to them about when my products will be delivered?

Yes, a free phone number is available and a reference number will be given that covers your delivery in Australia.

What if my property is hard to access, ie steep hill, tight driveway etc?

It is your responsibility to tell us this prior to us giving you a freight quote. If the truck is turned away because it cannot access the property, then you are liable for the extra charges involved with the delivery. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.


How do I pay?

By direct credit to our bank account.

What do I pay?

If it’s retail price, then the full amount immediately on receipt of the invoice.
If its indent price, then 50% of the invoice amount, followed by the balance of the invoice once the product arrives in the country ready for delivery.

What if I don’t need the bath/basin straight away?

We will store the bath/basin for free up for up to 3 months. After that we reserve the right to charge a storage fee.In this case, as we will be storing your bath for free, you are required to pay the balance owing on the invoice to offset the cost of free storage.


What do I clean my bath/basin with?

You can clean your bath with an abrasive cleaner like Ajax or Jif and a warm, damp cloth. Never use harsh products or hair dyes near your bath.

I’ve got grease or smudge marks on my bath, can these come off?

Yes, Ajax or Jif again and some elbow grease.

Terms & Conditions

Do you have terms and conditions which I can have a look at?

Yes, this is available on our web site under 'Terms'.

Can't find an answer?

Contact our customer support through the contact page and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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