What are your baths made of?
What is solid surface?
What is polymarble?
What is Lightweight/liteweight?
Where are they designed and made?
The materials on other baths appear different?
Is there a waste supplied with the bath?
Is there a flexible hose supplied with the bath?
Do you have to plumb in the overflow?
I’ve slightly scratched my bath, can this be fixed?


Have you got specifications available for the baths and basins?
I need a CAD drawing for my Builder, can you supply?
Are these relatively easy to install?
Is there a recess underneath the bath?
Is the waste in the middle or at one end?
I’m after a bath with an overflow, where is that located?


Why should I buy my baths/basins from you, how can I trust you?
Am I able to talk to someone else who bought a bath/basin off you to check your credibility?
Have you ever had any problems with supply and deliveries?


What guarantees do you have on your products?


What do you mean by ‘retail’ price?
What do you mean by ‘indent’ price?
Why are your baths/basins so cheap compared to other suppliers?


Am I able to have a look at a bath/basin/tap?


Is your tapware Wels rated?
What does “Wels rated” stand for?
What does “Wels” mean?


Are the baths heavy?
How are the baths and basins packaged?
How is the tapware packaged?


What do I do if my products are damaged on arrival?
What if I discover damage to my bath/basin after having my bath delivered and stored at my place for some time?


When I receive my bath/basin, do I have to inspect it straight away?
Will the truck driver help me get the bath/basin into the house?
Am I able to get delivery at a certain time of day?
Can I give my phone number to you so that the truck driver will call me when he will deliver?
Can I call the trucking firm and talk to them about when my products will be delivered?
What if my property is hard to access, ie steep hill, tight driveway etc?


How do I pay?
What do I pay?
What if I don’t need the bath/basin straight away?


What do I clean my bath/basin with?
I’ve got grease or smudge marks on my bath, can these come off?


Do you have terms and conditions which I can have a look at?